Adja Yunkers Collage Painting, Acrylic and Yarn on Canvas, White and Gray

  • Adja Yunkers collage painting, acrylic and yarn on canvas, white and gray. A vertical canvas with off-white painted horizontal rows of yarn against a gray background. Yunkers was primarily known as printmaker but did execute paintings. Untitled and unsigned. Professionally re-stretched. Some discoloration to the side of the canvas not visible when hung. Provenance: Purchased from Clarke Auction's important Adja Yunkers fine art collection, July 27, 2014. The auction receipt and a pdf of a 1970s era Yunker's catalog, displaying his yarn collages, are both available upon request.

  • Height: 39.5 in. / 100 cm.

    Width: 25 in. / 64 cm.

    Depth: 1.5 in. / 4 cm.