Richard Avedon The Beatles by Richard Avedon, Offset Lithographs, Stern Magazine

  • Beatles by Richard Avedon Psychedelic Posters for Stern Magazine. The Psychedelic Beatles posters by Richard Avedon for Stern Magazine, 1967. The four offset lithographic posters are from the original 1967 printing. The edition size is unknown but very few sets survived in mint unused condition. Historical background: The Beatles were photographed by Richard Avedon on August 11th, 1967. The shoot took place at a photography studio in a penthouse at Thompson House, 200 Gray's Inn Road, London, England. The American photographer took a number of shots of the group, four of which were later embellished with psychedelic effects. The posters were printed by Waterlow & Sons Ltd of London and were published by Stern Magazine in Germany, 1967. The publisher's information appears in the lower right margin of each poster). Printed in the lower left of each poster is the band member's name; E.g., JOHN LENNON fotografiert von Richard Avedon für Stern. One a side note, Avedon sold the copyrights of both the photos he took that day and his psychedelic embellishments executed in post production, to NEMS Enterprises, Ltd. - a firm run by the Beatles music manager Brian Epstein. On Aug 27, 1967, sixteen days after Avedon’s Beatles photo session, Beatles manager Brian Epstein died from an overdose of Carbitol. The Beatles were shocked. By strange twist of fate, the Beatles were attending Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s meditation seminar at Bangor, North Wales. The guru they had just met in London became a substitute for their use of psychedelics and a cushion for their bereavement. Avedon, unknowingly to the Beatles, or even himself, had captured this true spiritual essence just weeks before. . January 1968 was the initial concurrent publication of the Avedon photos by the following magazines: Stern Magazine in Germany, The Daily Express in England, Varagids in Holland, and Look Magazine in the USA. Specifics: Each poster is archivally floated on a white matte board, under UV plexiglass and framed in a white lacquer wood molding. Measurement: Image size 27 inches; H x 19 inches W;. Framed size: 31 14/16 inches H x 23 10/16 inches W x 1.5 inches D.

  • H 31.93 in. x W 23.84 in. x D 1.5 in.

    H 81.11 cm x W 60.56 cm x D 3.81 cm