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Solo Modern

In the hushed corridors of time, Solo Modern emerged, born from the depths of an era where art was not mere decoration but a conduit to the soul. Embarking on this odyssey in the early 90s, we became custodians of the extraordinary, traversing continents in pursuit of art's rarest whispers. As impassioned collectors, each piece we acquire is not just an artifact; it is a symphony of history and emotion, echoing with the voices of its creators. Within the heart of our endeavor lies a sacred pledge: to safeguard the essence of these treasures, to preserve their authenticity, and to celebrate their uniqueness.

Solo Modern _Portrait de Michele_ Petite Puzzle Sculpture by Miguel Berrocal ICON.jpg

Yet, our endeavor does not end in the acquisition; it unfurls into the realm of your existence. With an intuition akin to artists, we understand the silent language between spaces and objects. We do not merely select art; we choreograph a dance between your soul and the artwork, a harmonious duet where your essence meets the spirit of the piece. Our collections, meticulously curated, transcend the boundaries of time, each brushstroke, every contour, and the play of colors carefully considered to create not just a living space but a sanctuary—a sanctuary where the past and present coalesce into a timeless moment.

At Solo Modern, we invite you to embark on this poetic journey. Let our pieces weave tales around you, let them become the murmurs of forgotten eras, and the whispers of artists long gone. Embrace the art not as an addition but as an elixir, enriching your life with the profundity of human expression. In the tapestry of existence, let Solo Modern be the brushstroke that adds depth, color, and meaning to your story.

Bitossi Blue Kwan 4.jpg
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