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Aldo Londi for Bitossi vase, ceramic, Cambodia stripes, signed. Tall "Cambodia Series" cylinder vase designed by Aldo Londi and executed in 1957-1958 for Bitossi. Measures: 14 inches. Banded stripes in violet, indigo blue, cyan blue, white and a dar course/black. Distributed worldwide by Raymor of New York. Retains original Raymor label, which reads: 1292 BIT. Additionally signed on underside: 1292 A Italy.

Aldo Londi Ceramic Vase Bitossi Raymor Pottery Stripes Blue Purple Signed, Italy

  • Aldo Londi Bitossi Raymor vase pottery stripes blue purple signed, Italy, 1960s. Measure: Tall (14 inches) cylinder vase with banded stripes. Raymor label reads 1292 BIT. Additionally signed: 1292 A Italy.

  • Height: 14 in. / 36 cm.

    Diameter: 4.38 in. / 11 cm.



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