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Claude Conover Vase, Ceramic Pottery Signed "Hopci"

  • Claude Conover Vase, Ceramic Pottery Signed. Large hand built stoneware vase decorating with hatching and scratching patterns. An incised line divides the two patterns. These decorative elements often produced an effect of Prehistoric script or drawings. Signed: Hopci on the underside. We purchased the vessel from the original owner who received it as a wedding gift. As a member of the Cleveland School, Conover (1907-1994), worked for 30 years as a commercial designer before turning to ceramics. By the 1960s, he was devoting himself full time to his pots. His hand built stoneware pots were exhibited, during his lifetime in many museums and arts centers around the USA, some traveling internationally. Since his death, appreciation for his work has steadily grown.

  • Height: 21 in. / 53 cm.

    Diameter: 18.5 in. / 47 cm.


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