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Paul Evans 'Crown of Thorns' Dining Table, Polychromed Welded Steel, Signed

  • Paul Evans Dining Table Brass Steel Glass Signed USA 1960's. Paul Evans welded steel "Crown of Thorns" dining table, PE 146, in very good original condition. Base retains original polychromed colors: red, blue, yellow, moss green and applied brazed brass, which reads as gold. Purchased from the original owner who had bought it, along with other Evans furniture, from Directional Furniture in 1970. Signed PE 69 on bottom edge of one of the internal base supports. Original 3/4 inch thick glass top is 44 inches in diameter.

  • Height: 28 in. / 71.12 cm.

    Diameter: 44 in. / 111.76 cm.



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