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Rob Sieminski Ceramic Vase, Hand Built, Sculpted, Earth Tones

  • Rob Sieminski Ceramic Vase, Hand Built, Sculpted, Earth Tones. Chunky hand built and carved double walled vessel decorated with applied triangular prisms and having a smoke fired earth tone glaze. The interior is comprised of loose coils confined within the space, but not attached to the outer wall or to each other.

    Rob Sieminski is a full-time potter living in the western mountains of Maine. He has taught ceramics at the Whitemarsh Art Center (PA), the University of Delaware, the Maryland Institute of Art, and West Chester University (PA). His work is in the collections of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the National Museum of Art (DC), the Mint Museums (NC), the Pittsburgh Art Museum, and the American Museum of Ceramic Art (CA). He has exhibited in numerous Philadelphia Museum Art and Smithsonian Institution (DC) craft shows and at many Old Church Cultural Center (NJ) pottery shows.

  • Height: 15 in. / 38 cm.

    Width: 9.5 in. / 24.13 cm.

    Depth: 9.5 in. / 24. 13 cm.



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