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Where Art Finds Home, Your Story Unfolds


Our Story

Step into the enchanting realm of Solo Modern, where the echoes of a bygone era blend seamlessly with the vibrant pulse of contemporary artistry. Since the early 90s, we have wandered the globe, curating a collection that transcends time, each piece meticulously chosen for its profound narrative and unparalleled beauty. As passionate custodians of art, we invite you to immerse yourself in our carefully crafted selection—a symphony of rare finds, where every brushstroke tells a story and every sculpture resonates with the essence of its creator. Beyond mere aesthetics, our pieces are portals, inviting you into a world where history meets the present, where the soulful energy of artistic expression transforms your living spaces into sanctuaries of inspiration and wonder. Explore our gallery and let the art of Solo Modern become the eloquent expression of your individuality, enriching your home with the poetic grace of timeless masterpieces.


On Sale


An exclusive chance to claim timeless masterpieces seeking their rightful homes. These aren't mere discounts; they're invitations to embrace the extraordinary. Our items are not just on sale; they're destined to be cherished, bringing the poetic grace of art into your world. Don't miss this rare moment to acquire brilliance and soulful expressions at Solo Modern.

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